One of life's simple pleasures is sleeping in a bed made up with great quality bedlinen and that's how it all started.


During our travels in Egypt, we discovered what it was like to sleep in really great quality bedlinen. Slipping into bed, hot and tired from our days in the sun, the cool, crisp bedding was sheer bliss.  Of course having tasted this small luxury  there was no going back, we were hooked!  And so began an obsession... what started as a personal indulgence eventually  blossomed into a business and Lavender and Lily was born!


Our aim is to bring you luxurious, beautifully designed, high quality products, at realistically affordable prices. Helping you to create a home that's an oasis of calm, a place to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. 


At Lavender & Lily we’re committed to sourcing our products in an ethical and responsible manner.  That’s why we aim to do business with suppliers who share this belief; allowing you to rest in comfort, knowing that your bedding has been produced by a company that operates ethically.